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Wenonah has been screenwriting since 2001 and has written over twenty feature-length screenplays. She's had six short films produced. 

She has won competitions and placed highly in many others as well as participating in screenwriting workshops, programs and panels.

Highlights include: 

  • Nicholl Fellow (2018)

  • McKnight Media Artist Fellow (2018)

  • Minnesota Screenwriting Residency (Finalist, 2016 & 2018)

  • Sundance Episodic Lab (Finalist 2017)

  • Nicholl Fellowship Competition (Semi-finalist, 2015 & 2017)

  • Sundance Screenwriters Lab (Finalist 2011)

  • PAGE Script Competition First Place, Comedy category (2011)

  • Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition winner (2008)

  • IFP Film Market (2008)

  • McKnight Media Artist Fellow (2007)

  • Tribeca All Access Program (2006)

Her film “Sunshine” played at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian during the summer of 2006.  http://filmcatalog.nmai.si.edu/person/3027/

Her film “Waabooz” starring acclaimed native actor Saginaw Grant just finished a 2017-2018 Festival Circuit run where it won many awards and accolades including:

  • Kumeyaay Award for best Native American Film at the San Diego Film Festival

  • Best Native American Film at the 2018 Copa Shorts Film Festival

  • Audience Choice awards at many other festivals including the Twin Cities Film Festival where it premiered.

Wenonah is the showrunner and head writer for FEM 101, a webseries that will be available Fall of 2018.  She was also the Resident Screenwriter at the Augsburg University Summer MFA program in
July 2018.

Wenonah is a member of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.

Current Scripts Available

Horsehead Girls**

A blackjack dealer living on a remote reservation recovers from a night of brutality trying to save a girl from a sex trafficking ring. When her teenage daughter is kidnapped by the same organization she fights to not let her become part of a horrific fate she knows too well.

*Nicholl Finalist 2018, McKnight Media Artist Fellow 2018

**This script is currently represented by UTA
please contact Anna Flickinger: Anna.Flickinger@unitedtalent.com

The Reservation**
Television Pilot

A Native American tribe run by the matriarchal Strongbow family must deal with the conflicts of
gangs, drugs, corruption and abuse among a culture struggling to maintain its traditions while navigating a new casino promising to bring the tribe and its members wealth and security.

*Sundance Episodic Lab Finalist 2017
This script is currently represented by UTA
please contract Alyssa Lanz: LanzA@unitedtalent.com


A widow must travel to a neighboring town to get medicine for her young son during an Oklahoma dust storm but when she arrives she discovers there's something else in the dust killing people and needs to race the deadly storm home before it destroys her family.

*Nicholl Semi-Finalist 2017

Drama / Comedy

A Native American comic book artist leaves his remote reservation for college in the big city, bringing with him his childhood superhero alter ego. When his scholarship gets delayed he must collaborate with the classroom golden boy to create something new and abandon the only hero he's ever known.

*Nicholl Semi-Finalist 2015

Darby Harper Wants you to Know**

Unlike most teenagers Darby Harper spends her Friday nights helping the recently deceased cross into the light but when the most popular cheerleader at school dies the opportunity to become popular in exchange for her services is too good to pass up.

*Gold Comedy Winner, PAGE awards. Top 20% Nicholl 2011
**This script is currently represented by UTA
please contact Anna Flickinger: Anna.Flickinger@unitedtalent.com

Sleeping With the Lutefisk
Dark Comedy

The black sheep of a seemingly innocent Minnesota farming family must save her girlfriend from the clutches of an evil corporation who is after her formula for the perfect blue ribbon-winning cow. Fortunately she has no idea how her brood deals with enemies, and will train her to be as deadly as they are.

*Nicholl Quarterfinalist 2010, Winner of Atlanta Film Fest screenplay competition, Participant in the IFP Market

Beaded Road

Rose, a native American tribal elder haunted by history, embarks on a road trip with her troubled teenage granddaughter in search of answers to one woman’s past and another’s future.

*Nicholl Quarterfinalist 2007, Sundance Screenwriters Lab Finalist 2011, McKnight Media Artist Fellow 2007

 Kumeyaay Award for best Native American Film - WAABOOZ San Diego Film Festival 2018

Kumeyaay Award for best Native American Film - WAABOOZ San Diego Film Festival 2018

 Wenonah Wilms, Saginaw Grant, Molly Katagiri

Wenonah Wilms, Saginaw Grant, Molly Katagiri

 Buffalo Bay Drum Circle

Buffalo Bay Drum Circle

 One Nation Film Festival

One Nation Film Festival

 Wenonah, Ethan Engberg, Jeffrey Veregge, Stephanie Thompsom

Wenonah, Ethan Engberg, Jeffrey Veregge, Stephanie Thompsom

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 Saginaw Grant

Saginaw Grant


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 LA Skins Fest

LA Skins Fest